I have always wanted to be married to a Yoruba man. As a teenager I would pray to God to make it possible. In 2011 I met a tall, red-headed Yoruba man. My friend Ugonna introduced him to me while we were all students at a community college. We met that one time and never spoke again for a year. One day he prank-called me out of the blue with Ugonna’s phone. That phone call was the beginning of a lifelong friendship that caused everyone to assume we were in a relationship. That relationship became a reality and now has morphed into a lifelong union.


I remember thinking to myself a couple of times that this guy is everything I want in a man and much more. And he’s YORUBA!! I thought I was so out of his league and he would never ask me out, but he did. I knew from the moment we started dating (actually before he even asked me out) that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man. I know God answered my prayers regarding a partner when he brought Seni to my life. I’m forever grateful to God for that. Seni is God sent and my answered prayer.


Also, to be with a man whose goal in life is to make you happy is something I never thought would happen to me. Through Seni’s love for me, I have been able to realize God’s love for me. And because of his love for me I get to marry the man of my dreams. As for the proposal story, I will leave that to my Seni to tell y’all.

 His Story

Our journey of love started from the moment Oses and I, not knowing each other, registered for the same English class. I registered for the early section of the class and she registered for the section that starts immediately after mine. I was new to the school and felt alone. Then I met my now my best man, Ugonna. We became instant friends. In our 8 years of friendship Ugonna has done a lot for me. But the greatest thing he did was introducing me to my wife-to-be. I vividly remember the day I met her. She was wearing a checkered shirt, and had the cutest smile I have ever seen in my life. I was so mesmerized by her beauty that I could not even make eye contact with her. I mumbled an awkward “hello”. Since then I had been looking for the opportunity to redeem myself.


I purposely began to hang around places where I know she is. We developed mutual friends and they all quickly began to notice our connection. The semester progressed quickly and Spring Break came. There was a new video game that was released that year that worked with Xbox kinetic, it was a dancing game, it played a song, and it records how you dance to it (through motion capture), and gives you a score. Oses heard about the game, and she has always wanted to play it. Guess who had the game? Me of course, that’s why i feel indebted to Microsoft and the whole Xbox crew. As the day approached, I grew more and more anxious. She later told me that she too was nervous and considered cancelling the hang-out. Thankfully, her brothers encouraged her to follow through with it.


She came over and we played the game. I had played that game hundreds of times before, but somehow playing it with her on that day was one of the greatest moment of my life. It was almost magical seeing this person I loved in my house, in my space. It felt like she was part of my world. I knew I needed to officially make her part of my life.


On May 6 2012 I asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend. She said yes! I remember running from my room to go tell my mom and sister that I have a girlfriend. You would’ve thought I won the lottery…it’s because I did! The following week we made the announcement to our friends that we were now dating. We expected their reaction to be of shock and awe. Instead we got “uh…we thought y’all were already dating.” I’m so excited that soon I’ll be dating her forever.