Love at Last Click:

On March 20th, 2015; Tolu sent Tammy a message on a dating site which she didn’t even know
was in her inbox until April 1st! Tammy was pressured to try online dating by a friend who really
insisted that she should try dating again. Thank God for that friend! So, back to April 1st (also
known as April Fool’s Day) Tammy saw this fine man’s photo and said “Oo he’s cute! I think he’s
Nigerian” So, she responded & the two began their conversation. They exchanged their cheesy
April Fool’s Day jokes and well. They really hit it off! At the time, Tammy was living in Spring, TX
and was commuting to Westheimer and the Beltway for work (Over an Hour + Drive!)
So, it was hard for them to meet up. Finally, Tolu asked Tammy to come and visit him. He
explained he had just moved into a new place. So, after work. Tammy GPS’d the place only to
find that it was 2 minutes from her job! She went up and met him at the door… only to find
there was no furniture!! Or anything!! The place was empty. He literally had just signed his lease
30 min before she came. So, she took the move-in checklist made her way through the place,
checked every area and completed it! Yup, you can say she was a keeper since day one 🙂
The signs were there from the beginning. They were truly meant to be.
P.S: Tolu had plans on really being a Bachelor moving into his new place… but oh well, God had
other plans…. Tammy interrupted all plans. Ha-ha