Our story began in December 2016 when Thelma and I met at a mutual friend’s wedding. The only seat I could find, unknowingly was that reserved for the bridal party and as fate would have it, the love of my life, after dancing in, sat right beside me. I remember how she looked on that day, she looked gorgeously beautiful and she was so real and down-to-earth. They say, “When you know, you know!” We went on our first date a couple of weeks later and it felt so natural, more like we’ve been friends for decades, then I knew! Two months later, we became officially exclusive (yeah, I took my time).

Our friendship and love continued to grow, and about 18 months later she gave me the big YES.

Always you and only you Thelma, You are my good thing.



Thelma’s Story

On December 22, 2016 when I met John, I didn’t realize that I began a journey that would change my life forever. After the first date, it felt as if him and I had a whole lot of history. Our second “date” was unconventional. We lived in separate cities and unexpectedly for me, he came to Houston to take care of some things, but he wanted to still spend some time together. I told myself, “this is really weird for a 2nd date”. Sometime over the course of this “date”, I remember glancing at him and in that moment time stopped. I don’t know how & I don’t know why, but something in me clicked and I realized “I love this man”. Somehow, he made me feel this way. In that instant of vulnerability, I also felt peace and I knew God was at work. (If you know me, you know that I don’t have a sense of peace when I feel vulnerable and exposed, LOL, Lord help me!)

After some quiet time with the Lord that night, I was convinced he would be my husband, but I didn’t know when it would happen & I was perfectly okay with that. Doing life with him and loving each other was more than enough. After our first anniversary, marriage became more of a reality & here we are in 2019.

Your love means the world to me John. You’re my forever & always!